Building Relationships


Whether your business is B2B, B2C, nonprofit, not-for-profit, regional
Or global vrbage promotions is your marketing partner to help you
Create A strong, sustaining identity for your company.

At Vrbage Promotions,We have the creativity and the marketing expertise that your business needs ,To create brand building strategies that work in creating relationships with your customers, stakeholders and the community at large.

About Us

Vrbage promotions sets itself apart by maintaining A core philosophy of marketing integration. We are the consultancy firm that will help your align your customer positioning, selling and PR efforts both internally and externally. These efforts of integration of infrastructure and message will give you A brand with positive staying power—because it will be authentic.



Our core values guide us in how we create respect and value our judgment and deliver on our commitments:
• client value focus
• Genuine goodwill
• Brand gocus
• Respect
• Integrity



Vrbage Promotions has a team of professionals working together – this includes brand strategists, communication experts, graphic designers, web developers, market researchers, SEO and SMM strategists to take care of the execution of the brand strategy and development.



The founder geeta kannupillai is a marcom & brand strategist with more than 15 years of professional experience across diverse industries in branding, marketing strategy, pdvertising / promotions, media relations, planning & organizing, strategic thinking, communication, leadership and creativity.


Our Practice Areas

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning

  • Innovation & New Concept Development

  • Research

  • Market Analysis

  • New

  • Digital Branding

Integrated Marketing Communications

A Brand Relationship Firm

Vrbage Promotions is a consultancy firm which assists in creating strategically directed, commercially effective and distinctive branding solutions for our clients, with the aim to make your brand stand up, stand out, and stand for something.

Our Brand Building Strategies Include:

Marketing communication


Identity/Logo Development

Customer Positioning


Web and E-marketing


Web and E-marketing

Social Marketing

Vrbage Promotions promises that through a well-designed brand building process you will send the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, at the right price.

Digital Marketing

We provide SEO solutions that are aimed at leading web marketing solutions: more traffic, more visibility, more business. Our professional SEO services also help you build your brand rapidly. With Vrbage Promotions, your website will generate traffic and revenues faster and better, powerfully.

Social Media & Online Marketing Solutions

Vrbage Promotions helps setup the ‘Social Media Footprint’ for your business, with a focus on getting leads to follow your business and also to collect leads’ information for future email and mobile marketing. We help in establishing your business in Facebook and Twitter, and coordinating activities in them to increase your business’ social authority, generate more leads, collect leads’ details. We spend many hours on our part to research, create, execute and coordinate these activities with the end result being a basic, yet powerful digital marketing platform that will generate significant interest and traffic.

International Marketing

Helping Companies Succeed In International Markets!

At Vrbage Promotions, we employ hands-on strategic business development and innovative marketing solutions to help our clients meet their business objectives both domestically and abroad.

We offer a range of global business solutions to help SMEs succeed in international markets including, new product and business development, market research, market entry strategy, brand development, overseas marketing and promotion, public relations, product launch and trade show support services.

Our International Marketing Services

Market Research

Market Entry Strategy

Global Business Development

Overseas Marketing & Promotion

Export Promotion Services

Brand Development

Trade Show Support

Representation Services